Maintenance solutions

Re-nu® fresh™

Multipurpose solution that removes protein deposits daily for longer comfort. Clean, rinse, disinfect, lubricate, preserve. For soft hydrogel and silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

  • Relieves dry eyes and lubricates contact lenses.
  • Recommended for the correct lubrication and wetting of all types of soft contact lenses, including hydrogel and silicone hydrogel.
  • Helps minimize lens dryness by lubricating and moisturizing your eyes while
    wearing contact lenses.
  • Manufacturer Bausch + Lomb
  • Presentations 60 ml, 120 ml, 355 ml, 500 ml
  • Composition Boric acid, disodium edetate, sodium borate, sodium chloride, DYMED® (polyaminopropyl biguanide)
  • Invima Registration 2011DM-0007043