19 May, 2022

​N​ew alliance as exclusive distributors for Colombia of Saltigo​ GmbH.

​We started a new​ ​​alliance with Saltigo​: exclusive owner of the molecule Saltidin®.  Its wealth of experience and proven expertise make it one of the leading companies in the field of​ fine chemicals market​.​

Saltidin® - The effective active ingredient for insect repellents

​Within its portfolio, we will be promoting the molecule​ Saltidin® (also known as Picaridin and Icaridin) which has been used successfully in Europe and other countries as an ingredient in insect repellents for decades.

Products containing Saltidin® offer up to 14 hours of protection against mosquito and tick bites and the illnesses they can cause. Additionally, products containing Saltidin are considered as safe, hence they can be used by all the family members.​

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