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Contact lens solutions


State-of-the-art multipurpose solution with sodium hyaluronate and bio-inspired by natural tears. It offers up to 20 hours of hydration and a double disinfection system.

  • Biotrue ® is inspired by the biology of your eyes, bringing together three bio-inspiring innovations:
  • It contains hyaluronic acid, a lubricating component present in our tears, that allows the eye to remain more hydrated
  • It combines the pH of healthy tears: its pH is our tears´ same pH
  • It keeps certain beneficial proteins in our tears
  • This liquid allows exceptional cleaning of the contact lenses and provides hydration for up to 20 hours
  • Manufacturer Bausch + Lomb
  • Presentations 60 ml, 120 ml, 300 ml
  • Composition Sodium hyaluronate, sulfobetaine, poloxamine, boric acid, sodium borate, edetate disodium, sodium chloride, polyaminopropyl biguanide and polyquaternium.
  • Invima Registration 2021DM-0006881

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