Structural reinforcement

Kit Colrepox Grietas 1053

Solvent-free structural type system, two very low viscosity components for injection of cracks in concrete.

  • Sealant for fissures, cracks, and joints in walls and slabs on buildings, pavements, bridges and civil constructions in general. Prevents the infiltration of corrosive substances such as water, and restores the surface’s original resistance
  • Anchor filling for bolts and connectors
  • Extremely low viscosity system with great fissure penetration capacity.
  • Resistant to water, weather and chemical products.
  • Excellent mechanical properties.

3 Kg mix kit:
Component A – Resin x 2.31 Kg
Component B – Hardener x 0.69 Kg

Download Technical Data Sheet (available only in Spanish)

Download Technical Data Sheet (available only in Spanish)