High thickness

Kit Colrepox Glass Encapsulado

It is a clear epoxy resin and hardener system designed for encapsulation in artistic applications, designed to have a long gel life, and UV resistant. It can be used on pours up to 1.5″ thick per coat.

Suitable for use in transparent and/or pigmented encapsulates.


  • Crystal clear finishing, high transparency.
  • Good bubble release.
  • Resistant to cracking and warping Customizable with the use of pigments.
  • 100% solids.
  • Excellent color stability.
  • Low odor.
  • Formula that includes material of biological origin.
  • Resistant to crystallization

Resin Bucket x 8.88 Kg
Bottle Hardener x 3.9 Kg

Download Technical Data Sheet (available only in Spanish)

Download Technical Data Sheet (available only in Spanish)