Soil conditioners

Fertilux 10.2.2

Organic fertilizer in the form of pellets designed to provide a high percentage of nitrogen in the soil of a crop, with additional contributions of phosphorus and potassium; in order to stabilize the structure and nutrition of the soil. Suitable for all types of crops, soil and weather.

ICA Registration 11983

  • Free of pathogens that can affect the crop.
  • 100% natural.
  • Product easily assimilated by plants.
  • Improves the physicochemical characteristics of the soil.
  • Rapid absorption and assimilation by plants.
  • Easy handling, application and storage of the product.
  • Total nitrogen (N) 10,6%
  • Organic Nitrogen (N) 3,2%
  • Urea Nitrogen (N) 4,7%
  • Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N) 2,7%
  • Total phosphorus (P2O5) 2,14%
  • Total potassium (K2O) 2,83%
  • Total sulfur (S) 3,16%
  • Total calcium (CaO) 4,58%
  • Total magnesium (MgO) 1%
  • Silicon soluble in HF (SiO2) 3,69%
  • Total sodium (Na) 0,05%
  • Maximum humidity 5,71%
  • Total oxidizable organic carbon 18,2%
  • Actual density 0,723 g/cm3
  • pH in 10% solution 6,37%
  • Heavy metals below the limits established by the standard.

Fertilux 10-2-2 being an organic fertilizer that is applied directly to the soil, contributes to improving the soil microorganisms responsible for the biostructure and all nutrition processes. It provides essential macro and micro nutrients for plant development and production.

Download Technical Data Sheet (available only in Spanish)

Download Technical Data Sheet (available only in Spanish)